This is what we're good at doing.



This comprises of Online Media Deals, Television, Radio and Print Campaigns, Portal Development and Alternative Acquisition and Lead Generation, Global Brand and Search Engine Marketing


This consists of Customer Retention, Global VIP Retention & Management, Global Brand and Public Relations & Public Affairs, Loyalty Programmes and CRM.


We assist our clients in the marketing of their affiliate programme to provide Affiliates with the best service and support available by optimizing the enjoyment, satisfaction and mutual profit opportunities.

Creative Studio

Incorporates Creative, Production, Outsourcing and Supplier Management.

Customer Service Centre

We Lead and Manage all Aspects of the Customer Experience including, International Call Handling, E-mail Response and Chat Handling on a 24/7, 365 days a year.

Technology and Information

  • Web Development in terms of client sites running at the webfarm and on local servers
  • Business system development and maintenance
  • Network Infrastructure Implementations, Maintenance and Administration
  • Security & Intrusion protection
  • Database Development, Administration, and Creation of Reporting Infrastructure
  • Systems Monitoring 24/7 and Technical Support through Helpdesk for both Internal and External Clients
  • New Technology Research


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