This is who we are.

Customer Focused

1. We seek to ensure a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs
2. We strive to exceed service standards in order to continuously satisfy customers needs and expectations
3 .We are mindful of the customers when making decisions
4. Everyone takes responsibility

Performance Driven

1. Self directed: We establishes goals, deliverables, timelines and budgets with little or no motivation from superiors
2. We constantly measure outputs against requirements
3. We make changes to optimise performance
4. Flexibility: We adjust to new situations and tasks and amend priorities to meet changing demands
5. We assertively manage each other
6. We take responsibility for ourselves

Business Minded

1. We understand the business
2. We get all the information
3. We consider all the business needs when taking action and/or making decisions, and the implications of these on the business
4. We act at all times with the good of the business in mind
5. We ask: “Is this the best decision for the business?”

People Focused

1. We provide a culture of personal development and engagement
2. We enable all employees to deliver their best
3. We are progressively building new programmes to align the company culture to the requirements of the business strategy.
4. We are multifaceted team who stay coordinated through constant communication and close teamwork.
5. We sincerely believe that there is just one way of winning – and that is through our people.

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